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During the late 19th century, Frederick Sondheimer, forseeing the need for specal lubricants for the industrial growth taking place around Long Island City, established the BLACK BEAR COMPANY, INC. in early 1888. In 1937, during the depth of the depression, when BLACK BEAR COMPANY was acquired by Rowell A Schleicher, the Company turned its attention to recession-proof needs of state and government agencies. During World War II, BLACK BEAR COMPANY concentrated its progressive technology on military challenges -- solving problems for Army searchlights, Air Force bomb bay doors and creating highly effective corrosion preventatives for military aircraft -- applications which still find new applications to this day.

 After World War II BLACK BEAR shifted its technology to the construction industry which was booming due to returning servicemen's housing demands. New lubricants were created such as track roller grease, non-leaking gear lubricants, non-dripping heat resistant grease and pioneering firsts in multi-purpose gear oils and multi-purpose greases. Not neglecting its industrial customers, special micro-switch greases and metal forming lubricants were also formulated to meet customers needs.

 In the early 1960's one of New York City's largest taxi fleets challanged our technology to extend the service life of their Chevrolet 6 cylinder engines beyond the then expected 70,000 mile life. Using advanced additive chemistry, their engine life was doubled and even tripled. This approach is the goal with every lubricant formulated today.

 By manufacturing and marketing our own products, we provide excellent customer-blended-products at extremely completive prices. As a smaller Company, we have grown by adapting technical innovations more quickly to our customer's needs - mostly by listening and working with our customers. We believe that by spending a few extra cents for the optimum formulation - geared to our customer’s needs - BLACK BEAR continues to insure our customer longer trouble-free equipment life and the best value for their lubricant dollar.

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